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Tuesday, April 13, 2010

A good laugh

"I stand in the kitchen and I'm all, "I haven't had enough protein today!" And then I eat 19 spoonfuls of peanut butter. Totally justified."

Saw this on a fellow bloggers page and laughed.

Out loud.

It's pretty much my life right now.

Food is the last thing on my mind right now. I can't even remember the last time I had a vegetable. No bueno. I don't need to loose anymore weight. I get to pick up my wedding dress this Friday which I am sooo excited for! It looks amazing and I just ordered my veil so it should be coming soon. Engagement pictures are this next Monday and Tuesday which I am so looking forward to. Outfits are being chosen as we speak! Jake and I have been doing our registry which I thought would be kinda fun but it's not. Semi. Speaking of registry, I have a funny story. So Jake and I started to do ours online. My mom and I had some time later that week and thought we would just pop down to Bed Bath and Beyond and kinda finish it up in person. So we started scanning things and we run into another couple there scanning as well. The guy looks at me and says "where is your fiance?!" Haha he was not happy that he had to be dragged here when all in all his opinion didn't matter (that's how he felt). We ran into them again as we were leaving and she was looking at some outdoor chairs, while he was passed out on one sleeping.

I had a good laugh.


Ash Att said...

hahah!! that is so funny! oh man, that poor guy..

Lindsay Rasmussen said...

Sterling and I had the same experience....the thinkin' it would be fun and then realizing that it just is long and takes FOREVER experience, that is. But trust me, when you get that cute little shower curtain for your wedding and your little, teeny tiny bathroom looks just perfect because one towel that you own actually matches the shower curtain(haahaa!) you will feel so happy about it all. Good luck with wedding plans! Enjoy it all! I'm so excited for yoU!