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Monday, November 10, 2008

Peripheral Vision

I wanted to sleep in just a little bit longer this morning so I told my roommie that I would drive. So I slept for another 20 blessed min. before I rolled out of bed and decided to get ready. Me and my fetish with the weather, I already knew that it was going to be raining today so I did my hair curly, grabbed a jacket and headed out the door. The hood on the jacket was so big that I couldn't see to the left or the right of me. I couldn't tell if my roommate was still next to me so I yelled her name and just kept walking because it was pretty cold. She lost me for just a second, then turned around to see that I was right beside her. The grounds were covered with leaves and you think it would be fun walking through them, feeling them crunch beneath our feet but no! They were all soggy and wet; instead of a pleasantly "crunch," we got a squashy "squish" as they stuck to the bottoms of our shoes and my pants! We both went to the institute building to get in line for tickets. President Packer is coming here to Ogden to talk to the youth and I for sure wanted to go! After waiting in line, we both got our tickets, (row K...hmm that can't be very close) walked to the library and just sat there....staring out into the dreary sky that lay before us. Pretty sure you could tell we were both extremely tired. After a little rain gazing we both went our separate ways. I decided to go out of the norm for a bit and take a different path to my class. I felt very observant on campus, noticing the very random things that go on campus. I wondered, have these things always been going on while I take my every day routine walk to my classes? Here is a list of random things I saw today.

  • a person driving their mustang on the sidewalks around campus. How lazy can you get people! Now I would understand if he was delivering the newspapers and didn't want them to get wet but he didn't have anything! He just drove to each building...walked in, and walked back out!

  • Walking through the Union building, there was a random person in the corner playing the harmonica.

  • an Eskimo with the cutest hat I had ever seen. We exchanged conversation for a bit then went our separate ways.

  • a bunch of signs with words spelled wrong. I mean really....we are in college. (but really I have no room to talk because I spell things wrong all the time. But I would make sure they were spelled right before I made a huge poster to hang around campus!)

  • A man dressed in a kilt....hello it's cold and it's raining!!!

  • around the corner from the gym was a little house and a bowl of food and water for a stray cat. Yes that's right we are animal friendly here at Weber State.

I think usually when I walk around campus, I usually have my headphones in and if it's a nice day I am usually preoccupied with the scenery to notice the strange individuals that I go to school with.


Libby said...

Heather love,
Spelt is not a word! Signs can be spelled wrong though, don't worry!

love ya

Libby said...

We saw a sign once that was for VIP parking and it said you need a parking pass or find $50 instead of fined $50...ha ha

Heather Mae said...

Thanks libb! I knew you would catch that :) haha!