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Monday, May 18, 2009

Spice Girls

I was kinda bored so I decided to look through all my pictures on my laptop. I soon came upon this.

Wow. Yes this is the cousins and I dressed up as the Spice Girls. Now I was never into Spice Girls when I was little, but the cousins were. I don't know who decided to have us dress up in our version of Spice Girls and put on a show for our family...but I remember when I found out that I had to be Sporty Spice because all the other ones were taken. I couldn't believe I was going to dress up like a girl who dances around in a sports bra. As you can see I couldn't really do the whole outfit. I felt completely naked. The things we do as little kids.


Michelle said...

This picture is completely incriminating! It should be banned from the internet FOREVER!

{But no, I am still not ashamed to admit that I was obsessed with the spice girls...}

Anne said...

You guys were the best Spice Girls wanna be's ever. And I have the original video clip of the whole adventure. Priceless.