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Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Week 13

 Week 13

 The first couple of weeks your mama was super sick.  Sick enough that we couldn’t keep you our little secret to a few people while we were on vacation. They were extremely excited when we told them. We heard your heart beat a couple of weeks ago, which made it very surreal for your mama. The doctor said it might be hard to find at first but she found it right away. 160 beats per minute!  You are about the size of a peach, 3 inches long and are starting to grow you some bones. I know we probably won’t be able to feel you for a while but your mama and papa can’t wait! Your grandparents are so excited they already bought you a stroller and car seat. Your mama and papa have already put it together and have played with it. I think we may like it more than you will. 


Chris and Shianne said...

AHHH! congrats heather! being a mom is the best thing in the world!

Justin and Christine said...

Very exciting!!! It is not fun being sick, but having a baby is soooo worth it!

Stephanie said...

love these pictures! and your outfit! You are just full of cute ideas. Hope you're feeling better!