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Thursday, February 5, 2009


Today after work, I headed home just to change and head to the gym. Training for this triathlon is hard work....not that I thought it wouldn't be but I'm at the gym twice, almost every day! It feels great though and I love the gym! I biked (when I say biked I mean like a spin bike...not the little sissy sit-down bikes) for a good 45 minutes then headed over to the treadmill to do some running. I set my mp3 down and started to run. A couple of minutes into my run I touched my mp3 to change the song and I shocked myself which for some weird reason completely shut off my mp3. What the heck! I thought maybe it was just a one time thing so I turned it back on, let it reload and kept running. 10 minutes later I touched it again to turn up the sound and again it shocked me and turned off the mp3. I thought this can't happen a third time so I turned it back on and started running again. Another 10 minutes later I touched it to change the song....and what do ya shocked me really good and shut my mp3 off. At this point I am just frustrated! All I wanted to do was to finish my run while listening to some decent music! Is that to hard to ask? So after that I gave up on the treadmill and finished my run on the track. I dislike running on the track because after all, you are just running around in circles and my attention span does not do so well with that.
While I was running, these two older ladies, (way older...) wearing shorts that they shouldn't have been wearing, were running around the track the wrong way! Of course they were looking at me weird as if I was the one running the wrong way! After a couple of other people had passed them, going the right way, they decided to stop giving me weird looks and to turn around and run the right way. Geesh! What a night at the gym I'll tell ya!


Ash Att said...

hahah what the heck, those crazy old people. give us a break!

jamie said...

haha I love that your attention span gets tested running around in circles, but running in place is plenty varied for your mind.