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Friday, March 19, 2010


We found an apartment! Hurray! Another thing I can check off my list. It's right by my work so that will be perfect with the whole one car thing for a while. It's weird to think that I have my own place now.

Yes, super weird.

Jake and I are getting photos together for our video. Man oh man. Sometimes I wonder
why I wore the things I wore.

And why my mother let me go out in public like that.

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Lindsay Rasmussen said...

Its so fun to hear about it all! Sterling and I furnished our apartment in under $100 thanks to KSL. We got a $25 couch, a $50 table with six chairs, a $10 cupboard---our kitchen is a little scarce on cupboard space---and $10 for a BEAUTIFUL coffee table. The rest we got...for free. My bed was given to us by my parents, although I have slept on it for the last 21 years, minus three away at college, and we got lots of other necessities for free too. Just be happy you aren't scrambling to find stuff like that inbetween classes and exams and institute council activities. But it was a blast. Enjoy every minute cause it is so much fun! Some advice my bishop gave me "Remember not to make such a big deal of the little things, because they are little things after all, and in the end, you won't really remember them" Its really true. Good thing I got a wedding video because HONESTLY I couldn't tell you what our reception decorations looked like beyond being red and black. It is that much of a blur. A lovely blur. You will love it!