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Monday, September 8, 2008

New at this

I love Sundays. It was my first time going back to my old ward from last year. It felt like I was starting all over again. Tons of new faces, a couple of familiar scattered throughout the crowd. This Sunday was fast Sunday and the testimonies were awesome! We had a new convert who was baptized last year when I was there at the ward, who bore his testimony with pride. How I love to listen to new converts and how their life has changed because of the truth they now have in their life. We had a couple of missionaries who had just gotten off their mission, and those are always good. Still a little awkward but they will come along soon. Even relief society was filled with spiritual goodness! It was a great Sunday!
During sunday school, the bishopric came in and grabbed me. I was thinking that they needed to take my picture again to get a new one. But no. They pulled me into a little room and had me sit down.

"We knew you were coming back to this ward, so we already have a calling for you!"
"Heather, you are so talented and can do anything."
Now I'm thinking oh great...this isn't going to be just a regular calling.
"We have called you to be the Choral conductor"
.....speachless...of course I said yes but I'm a little nervous

I've pretty much decided that the Choir conductor is my families calling in life; and it was only a matter of time before I got called to this calling! But I've never directed a choir before! I would rather be the one singing! How am I going to get people to come? What song should I have them start learning first? What time should we practice?
Secretly though I am kinda excited! Instead of just singing, I get to help create the music, the mood, and help others find their love for music as much as I do! I will defiantly be turning to my mom for advice and my artistic cousin too! Help me out guys! Lend me some of your knowledge on the subject.

1 comment:

Croslands said...

You are going to be so great at this calling. I am excited for you and hope to hear more about how it's going.