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Thursday, September 4, 2008


I am currently babysitting the cutest little girl ever. Oh how I miss babysitting! We practiced our culinary skills, sang with kitchen utensils to Disney songs, and had our nails done! Or in my case had my nails blobbed on with blobs of hot pink fingernail polish! Here are a couple of our serious topics we went over while swinging.

"Aliens are real even though I haven't seen them. They live on the dark side of the moon."

"I want to be a mystery girl when I grow up. Except I wouldn't wear a hat because only boys wear hats. I would wear a bow and a dress and where rock star shoes."

"That cloud looks like a dragon. You know dragons are real, but only in China."

1 comment:

Lindsay Rasmussen said...

Love it! That is hilarious. Good to know dragons are only real in China, no worries for me then!