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Sunday, September 14, 2008

A day of fun!

I hurried to drop my little cousin off to her soccer game, and rushed back to the apartment to get ready and to make sure the apartment looked decent. He was coming up so I could show him around Ogden. I had the whole day planned with a bunch of fun things and I was hoping that everything would just fit together perfectly and that it would be really fun. He got here and we left to go drive around town. We stopped by the "happening place" where they had the indoor surfing and skydiving where we watched a couple of people take a hard biffing trying to surf. Haha we both got a kick out of that! Later we drove down to the Union State where we ate at the Union Grill. Fantastic. Food was great. Conversation was great. So far so good! Then we walk up and down Historic 25th street for a little bit, went into the cute little bike shop and a couple of antique stores, then we left to meet a bunch of people to go ice blocking! Ice blocking was a huge hit! By the end we were going down the hill backwards and making a train with everyone going down the hill. I biffed a couple of times and got a nice grass stain right on my left cheek...very attractive! After ice blocking we came back to the apartment, got changed, had dinner and left for the WSU vs Dixie football game. It was our homecoming game and needless to say...we killed them! There were fireworks afterwards which are always fun to watch. After the game, we came back to the apartment, ate dessert and played a couple of intense games of Spoons! It was his first time playing the game, but he caught on pretty fast! Everything went great and he had such a great time! I did too!

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