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Sunday, July 13, 2008

40 Days and 40 Nights

Okay so today in relief society, our ward mission leader came in and told us that our ward was going to be doing something a little different. He asked if anyone knew how many times a 40 day fasting was referenced in the scriptures. No one he told us. It was twice. Once with Moses and the second with Christ. Then he explained how our own ward was going to fast for 40 days. Now I'm thinking...that's pretty cool....wait....40 days! I'm going to die. I guess if I pray about it...alot....maybe I could do it....40 days? Is he serious? Then I hear him say "so gorge yourselves now." Now I'm thinking "he can't be serious! Unless he wants to kill off the whole entire 16th ward." So after he gives his little shpeal, I walk down to talk to Chopsticks and ask her if he was being serious. I soon find out that yes, our ward is going to fast for 40 days but not in the way that I was thinking. I guess we are each going to sign up for a time or day that we are going to fast. Thereby we can fast as a ward for 40 days. I'm really excited!

So apparently, in another month and a half, I will be around to post a another blog!

1 comment:

Crosland's said...

You had me nervous for a while there. Then I thought maybe it would be avoiding tv or some other form of media. I like your wards idea.