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Monday, July 21, 2008

Llama Grooming

Who can say that they have been to the Llama festival held at the Krishna temple in Spanish Fork? Twice now I have been! This time we, (my family and another family) went before the festival to help groom the llamas. My little sister quickly became comfortable with the llama, grabbed the lead and started grooming. My brother on the other hand...squealed when one started coming towards him. Okay maybe a couple started to come towards him but still! I got to groom a couple, but mostly I was the picture taker, capturing pictures of the timid youngsters, and the brave ones. While taking some pictures, a black llama come close to me and started to nibble on my hair. YUCK! So I quickly moved away and kept my eye on him. But he just kept following me around the pen. I would move to one end, and he would slyly move to the other end as well. There was a llama that must have had allergies or something, because it kept sneezing. Needless to say, no one really groomed that llama, unless they wanted to be covered with llama snot.

Looking out a window
Llama grooming service how may I help you?
This one kept making faces at us


Mom and neighbor grooming

Grooming a baby llama

My new friend

The surplus amount of llama hair

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