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Saturday, July 12, 2008

Early morning run

Usually when I go running I have someone with me, to talk to, keep me going, push me harder, or just to distract me. But this morning I decided to head up the trail by myself. I rode a bike up to the trail then got off and started to run. Quiet and peaceful I began to ponder while I ran. I love moments like that when you are all by yourself, early in the morning, surrounded by nature. I just pondered and ran....ran my heart out! I soon came to my marker where I stopped and started to do some crunches. After I was done, I just sat and tried in inhale everything around me. The smell of the trees, flowers, a nearby stream, even the soil seemed to fill my soul. My ears tuned to the wind winding through the tall grasses; my eyes adjusted so I could take everything in, the bees flying from flower to flower, the clouds roaming along, I even saw a butterfly or two. I sat there, senses full, and myself full of gratitude for the nature that surrounds me. It's nice to take time away from the hustle of bustle of life, and to just sit and think. It puts your mind at ease, and in a different perspective.

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