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Saturday, April 5, 2008

Saturday morning Conference

Today, Jaymo and I woke up at the crack of dawn, got in our Sunday best, and drove to Salt Lake to sing at Temple Square before conference. Before we went out to our stations to sing, they took us into theatre 3 in the north temple visitor center. There they told us that there will be protestors and that we need to let them, or the police handle them…scary! Our group of wonderful youth was like an anti-protest group. We all stood along the wall of the Temple Square gate and sang hymns for those walking by so they wouldn’t be able to hear the protestors. One man came over by our group and shouted as loud as he could. I couldn’t quite really hear what he was saying but as people crossed the road to get over to the conference center, he wished them luck, “because you’re going to need it,” he said. As he got louder, our group sang louder! Elders would walk by singing along with us as well as many others that were waiting to get across the street. It was a really neat experience actually. I kinda felt bad for the poor man that was being out sung by our group. I feel bad for all of those who don’t know the truth that this gospel brings for us.
We sang for 2 hours…and my limbs froze! I would put one hand in my coat pocket to unthaw, while the other would hold onto the hymn book. After a while it didn’t really matter, because my fingers were all numb. We had a hard time flipping the pages because our fingers were so numb, we couldn’t feel the pages! Soon after my fingers went numb, both of my legs went numb! After we were done, they took us inside and had tickets for all of us that sang to go to the morning Saturday conference! I’m so glad that I got up this morning and suffered through the cold to be able to go to this conference session. First of all, because in this session they did the solemn assembly where we voted in Thomas S. Monson and sustained him as the Prophet of the Church of Latter Day Saints and sustained those in the Quorum of the Twelve. They asked all the men to stand a sustain Thomas S. Monson as our Prophet and I got the chills as all the men in the conference center stood up and raised their right hand to sustain him. They then had all the women stand up and do the same. What a neat experience! The Mormon Tabernacle Choir did an awesome job, (Go mom!) and my favorite song that they did that morning session was the very last song, “Come Follow Me.” It was a beautiful arrangement, one that I had never heard and it gave me chills as well. I think that was my first time ever, watching conference in the conference center! It was defiantly easier for me to stay awake, although I couldn’t quite say that for my friend Cadet. He fell asleep a couple of times and started snoring once!

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