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Sunday, April 6, 2008

Fort of Awesomeness!

Saturday night fort preparation #1: Find a big room with lots of furniture. Here is Jaymo and cute-laugh using their brains to start fabricating our fort. We moved all the couches and found as many sheets as we could in the house. Our plan was invincible...until we stumbled upon a tiny problem. We had plenty of furniture around to help support our fort, but we had nothing in the middle to hold it all up! Gasp! What should we do? Saturday night fort preparation #2: Jaymo, not willing to give up, began to scour the house for tall, sturdy objects. She found a stick which would've worked except we had nothing to hold the stick in place. We were about to give up when Jaymo came running back with a big, fake Christmas tree!! "That's perfect!," we all yelled! Blondes' really are smart eh? So we put the tree right in between the two blow-up mattresses and put some heavy books on the bottom to make sure the tree didn't fall over! It worked perfectly! "It's like sleeping in a mini forest!," I said as we draped the sheets over it. We had to tape some of the sheets to the window which proved to be more difficult then we had thought it would be. Fort preparation #3: I became the master taper and took on the challenge of the taping. Kat became the master duct taper, asking to duct tape anything in her sight :) My taping master skills help up throughout the night. To celebrate our awesome fort, we decided to play a game of "Sorry" in which I was brutally beaten at, and a game of "Old Maid," with cards way to big for even me to hold. You would think, "Old Maid," being a kid game and all, would be smart enough to make cards that little kids would be able to hold, no? Well after our little game playing we went and grabbed some ice cream and then sat in our fort and watched Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade! Perfect movie for the perfect fort!

1 comment:

Mal Mecham said...

Look how stinkin' cute you are! I just love you! I'll read your paper tomorrow...I've had a really bad cold since last week and haven't had the chance yet. Love you!!