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Monday, March 31, 2008

x+c^2-h+25=...say what?

Today actually went pretty well. My first class was canceled, o' thank heavens, so I didn't have class till 10:00! Psychology went well and my institute class of course is amazing. Choir was so-so today. I'm just sick of Ursula. She drills us over and over on stupid things and isn't a very good conductor! The songs we are singing are so-so as well. There are two songs that I like, but she is destroying those as well. I actually had time to come home and eat a swell plate of Hawaiian hay stacks before I left to work! Work, I can say went really well. I would suggest it was because that my stomach was well pleased with the "real" food that was enclosed inside it! Today at work I actually got to do a lot of Ortho work, which was really fun for me. It's amazing to see the the changes as the dentist molds a crooked mouth into a beautiful, collinear mouth!

Well after work, I went straight home, to try to get my math done. I had a couple of assignments to finish before the test tomorrow, so I got started as soon as I got home. My buddy, sand man, came over to do homework with me and study for the test. We were doing pretty well, when we struck a problem that was just impossible to do. Like you're riding your bike smoothly along a bike trail, then all of the sudden you hit a rock...a BIG rock and you flip off the bike and land in a ditch. Well sand man tried many ways to figure it out until he just gave up and fell asleep on the couch for probably 30 minuets. I've decided that sandman is a very peaceful sleeper. Well after taking a couple of funny pictures of him, (sorry sandman!) I decided I would wake him up from his peaceful slumber and told him to go to bed. As you can see I am still up, attempting to do the problem that seemed to slay poor sand man. Wish me luck!

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