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Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Looking back

First time holding Evelyn

This past week I have been watching videos of little Evelyn when she was first born. My goodness she is growing up. I have loved being able to watch her little personality come out. She is such a curious little girl and I love watching her experience things for the first time. The past couple of days it has been raining. Well I took her outside while it was just sprinkling and anytime a drop of rain would fall on her she would look up at me, smile and laugh! I just wanted to push pause and live that moment for a while.

She's become quite the lover of water. Anytime I am holding her while turning a faucet on, she turns towards the water and reaches her hand out to touch it. She loves bath time and usually by the end, I have had a bath as well with how much she splashes. It's so much fun.

She really has filled the hole in our lives. Not that the hole was a bad one, or a big one, but she has filled it and made our lives even better. I feel so humbled to be a mom, to be capable of bringing precious little children into my life. I think we all need more of them in our lives. To be around them. To learn from them as they learn from us. I have already learned so much from Evelyn. Babies are born with a need to be loved. To be taken care of. And there's nothing else in this world that I would rather do.

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