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Thursday, July 28, 2011


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I love me a summer rain storm. However these last two hit Provo pretty hard and I am done with the rain. Jake and I were outside yesterday in the rain helping grandma dig trenches to divert the water from the house. Water was piling up everywhere. We both had a good laugh when Jake (in flip flops mind you) slipped and got stuck in the mud. My rain boots were also covered in mud. Great muddy fun! After the storm cleared up, I would see cars in parking lots driving through huge puddles of water that were left by the storm and it just made me smile. Anyone who knows me knows that I love driving through puddles. Jumping in puddles. Stomping in puddles. It's the best. I can't wait to take my kids some day in their cute little rain gear and just jump in puddles after a rain storm.

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