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Thursday, August 12, 2010

Not so much vacation

So I have had this WHOLE week off of work. I had all sorts of plans that I wanted to do.
This is what I have been doing this week.

- Finally changing my drivers license. (signature still looks like a 4th grader)
- Finally getting a new social with my "not so very new any more" name.
- Finally going swimming which included getting a nasty sun burn.
- Getting the car re registered and getting it inspected.
- And finally getting thank you cards out! I know, I long have I been married now?

Did I do any of the fun things I planned?
Not really. But I sure got a lot of things done that probably should've been done a while ago.

August has been an expensive month.

1 comment:

The Haws Family said...

Well...I didn't get my name changed for five months, so you're faster than me! And we still have a stack of about 25 thank you cards that are done, I just haven't sent them yet because I don't know where to find the addresses. Sigh. But I didn't send any of them out until after I graduated because I was it was a good three months. So you can just be happy that you were WAY faster than me! Good job!