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Saturday, July 31, 2010

Camping adventures

I finally have some time (and internet) to post some pictures of our latest camping trip. First off can I just say that I love the Uintas. So beautiful. You'd be surprised to know that I love camping, despite the fact that I absolutely loath bugs. Can't stand them.

We took off around Pioneer weekend not really realizing it was Pioneer weekend. Of course we didn't reserve a camp site. I know bad idea. Everything was full. We searched at least five campsite where we finally found a spot that was reserved but not until the next day. So we pleaded with the camp host. Told him we would only be there over night and would be gone the next day before one (which was checkout time). After all that pleading and sad puppy dog look, he told us we needed to contact the real camp host.
Wait so you're a fake one?

We go down to where the real camp host is supposed to be and of course he's not there. So we sit there for a little bit, then get really mad and why you can never find these guys! So we leave and head back up the the fake camp host. Where the real camp host was. Geesh! So we tell him our story and he lets us camp there. Fabulous!

We get things set up quickly since it's now 7:30 and we are both starving!

We roasted good ol' hot dogs and starbursts. We decided to be daring and try the new sour ones. Boy and they sour. We also brought chips and salsa, accompanied by guacamole. Mmmm chips and dip around a camp fire. Sooo yummy. We played a couple of games of Canasta where Jake beat me. Bad.

The next day Jake and I packed up and headed to Lily Lake where we would try our luck in fishing. Or should I say try my luck in fishing. Jake didn't need any. Jake caught a couple before I finally had the guts to try. My casting stunk. Tried again and it was a little bit better. Finally I gave up and had Jake cast for me. We sat there watching the pole. It started to tug when Jake yelled "Heather grab it and start reeling in!" I wasn't paying attention so I grabbed it and did exactly what he told me to do. Tada! My first fish. I had Jake grab my camera and quickly take a picture. After that I quickly handed the fish with the fishing pole over to Jake and told him to take care of it. We didn't really have a place to cook it so we let it go. I haven't quite acquired the taste for fish yet but I do want to try it. Someday.

After that we headed to Provo Waterfalls to check it out. I had seen a sign for it on the way up and wanted to check it out on the way back home. It was beautiful! So glad we stopped there. Did some hiking around there and then headed back home.

We love camping!

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