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Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Lucky us!

I totally caught myself crying this morning when Jake left for work AND school. Until October he will be gone Monday - Thursday until 8:30 at night. When I sit and think about it, it's not too bad because I work till about 5:30 anyways. But coming home to an empty apartment and not having him there is making me a little sad. On a happy note, we were able to get all of his school books for under $200! Yeah that was amazing! I felt kinda bad when I heard another married couple in our ward spent almost $900 dollars on books. Come on bookstores! Like school isn't already expensive. Thankfully Jake and I received a grant for more than we were hoping for so both semesters will be payed for with extra. That was a huge relief for us!

So Jake and I love to play games and we both learned a new game over the weekend called
Puerto Rico. I have seen it at my grandpa's house but never bothered to learn it because it looked boring. It was totally confusing at first but I picked it up fairly quick and so did Jake. Needless to say it is now on our list of games to buy when we have extra money!

1 comment:

Janeal said...

Ugh I know how you feel. Last semester Ryan would be gone from 7 AM to 11 PM. It was the worst.