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Tuesday, June 15, 2010


Jake had me give him a hair cut yesterday. This is how it went.

Jake: Hey can you give me a hair cut today?
Me: Uh I think that's a bad idea. I have never used one of those things!
Jake: You can't mess up! You'll be fine.
Me: What if I nick your head and you start bleeding?
Jake: Then you can rush me to the hospital!
Me: That's not funny. Can I at least watch the DVD that came with it so I get an idea?
Jake: No. I will just tell you how I like it. I like to use a 3 and 4 on the bottom and sides, and a 7 on top.
Me: I have no idea what that means.

So I start cutting his hair very cautiously. Starting on the top, then working on the sides and bottom. Jake occasionally grabs the razor and shows me how to do it.

Jake: You need to push harder.
Me: I have a freakin razor on your head and you want me to push harder?!

Finally I am done.

Didn't look too bad after all. Now I wont be as scared next time.


Ash Att said...

hahah!! that made me laugh so hard! good job heather! :)

paige crosland anderson said...

we did that once:

Janeal said...

This means you're officially married! Next thing you know you'll be clipping his toenails.

Just kidding. that'd be kinda gross.