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Monday, June 14, 2010


Jake and I were all ready, packed to go to California. We get on the freeway and things are going well. Awesome tunes playing, lots of yummy snack food, first road trip together, happiness flowing from our car. We hit the 80 mph section. Awesome! However as soon as we got up to that speed we both heard some clunking underneath our car. So we pull off to the side and take a look. Everything looks fine. Nothing hanging out, everything is in place, so we keep on driving. The clunking starts up again and this time it sounds worse. I'm panicking thinking we are about to blow up so I tell Jake to pull over at this next exit. We pull into the gas station and again look under our car. Two older men pull up in a golf cart and ask us if we need any help. They looked at our car, then at us and said.

"You know you have painted hearts all over your headlights right?"

Haha why thank you for pointing that out! We didn't have time to remove all of the car paint that was lovingly placed on our car. They then asked if we were newly weds.

"Yep!" By now I'm getting a little embarrassed.

"Oh are you guys off to your honeymoon?"


Awkward. So they take a look and while looking around, the front two tires caught their attention. Our two front tires had been worn fairly good to the fact that some cords where showing near the inside. Bad news folks. Bad news.

$400 dollars later Jake and I were back on the road with two brand new front tires. Of course they didn't have used tires and we were in the middle of NO WHERE. However, I am so grateful that those scary clunking noises led to them looking at our tires because if we would've had a blowout tire going at 80 mph, it probably would've killed us. I'm so grateful that Heavenly Father was looking out for us on that trip. That was a blessing in disguise. Wasn't quite exactly how I planned on spending that money but such is life. I still love being married!


The Hansen's said...

Wow, that could have been scary, I'm so glad you guys were watched over. I'm so happy for you and glad that everything went well at your wedding and the rest of your trip. Congrats! :)

Ash Att said...

that is so lucky that it was just your tires though! well not the 400 dollars, but at least it wasnt an engine or something like that. thats lucky that you are all safe, hope you have fun!

LibTenney said...

And welcome to the costs of being married lol. I'm glad you guys were safe and everything was alright.