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Saturday, March 13, 2010

Here's a story of a lovely lady

Alright peeps here is my version of the proposal. I am making Jake write his later. We have both been extremely busy people! I am happy to announce that my dress is bought and now getting altered. It's fabulous. Photographer is booked. Reception is being planned. Decorations are being thought of. Temple is booked. The probably the lowest thing on my list at the moment. I could care less....just make sure it tastes good :)

Okay now here is the story. First off let me take you back to Saturday February 27th which was when I thought he was going to propose. I made sure I looked really cute that day. Notta. I was getting a tad impatient because I wanted to get the temple booked and what not but I was just going to let him do his thing. Well Monday came around, March 1st, and we had plans to watch a movie with some friends. The girls at my work totally thought he would propose today but I didn't think so. Who proposes on a Monday! We met up at Ikea, which is where we usually meet because it's halfway between the two of us. He gets there and tells me that something came up and that we had to change our plans and that he quickly put something together. At first he wouldn't tell me what we were going to do which is typical of him. He likes to surprise me.

All. The. Time.

We get in the car and he had a gorgeous bouquet of flowers for me. Beautiful. Of course that should've been a huge sign to me but I was totally oblivious. He finally tells me we are going to make dinner together which I thought we were going to do that at his house since we had done that before. He gets on the freeway and starts heading South. "Umm where are you going?" He tells me we are actually going to make dinner at my house. We pull up and he has already prepared most of it and brought it with him. Including a cheese cake which he made by himself! Boy does he know me well! He also knew my favorite dish of all time is pasta. Penne pasta. So we made a lovely dinner together. My family was all there but they go upstairs to "watch a movie". Of course they knew what was going on. My brother turns off a light as he leaves and Jake and I have a candle light dinner. It was sooo good! I pretty much stuffed my face. After we were done eating he tells me he has a surprise for me. A quick thought popped into my head that maybe he would propose tonight....nah! He pulls out a bunch of letters that he had each member of my family write to me. This was super cute because letters has been our thing. Ever since he got home from his mission we have written each other the old fashioned way and dated at the same time! I got through one letter before I started bawling. I made Jake read the rest because I couldn't do it! As we got to the last letter, it was a letter from him. Made me cry even more. After all the sobs I was just ready to eat my cheesecake. He told me that he promised my family they could have some if they left us alone for a little bit so he went upstairs to grab them. They all came down, including my grandpa Packard. We started getting everyone a slice and I was just about to eat mine when Jake told me he had another surprise for me.

I turned around and he grabbed something out of his coat pocket, got down on one knee, and asked me to marry him. In front of my whole family! Seriously I know this guy has guts! I was in shock! I don't know how long I just stood there looking at the ring, then at him, then back to the ring....but I said yes! Obviously. The ring is perfect. Everything I could've asked for in a ring that I would wear. It looks even better with the wedding band!

So there is my version. I'm sure his is pretty funny so when I get the chance I will have him write it. Oh and as much as I despise the snow right now, I had to post this picture because yes,
snow can be pretty. I opened the door and saw this beautiful scene and ran downstairs to grab my camera.

So pretty!


My Life... said...

oh Heather!! Yay!!!!! :) I'm glad I got to see your ring finally! I am so happy for you!

Lindsay Rasmussen said...

So exciting! Have so much fun planning your wedding! Brings back so many great memories! Well....not really. Actually I showed up to my own reception with absolutely no idea what it would look like and it was absolutely AMAZING! Lets just say I have a fabulous mother that knew how busy I was with school, and yet I still wanted to get married! Anyway, enjoy being engaged---I thought it was the hardest stage of life I have ever been through, but trust me it is all worth it because marriage is AMAZING! YOU WILL LOOK SO BEAUTIFUL! I CAN'T WAIT!

LibTenney said...

Wahoo! Darling proposal,he sounds perfect. Your ring is beautiful and I can't wait to see it in person tomorrow!

Janeal said...

that's adorable! And that ring is GORGEOUS! very unique. I want to hear how you met him! I'm so excited for you. and have fun with the wedding planning, because I stressed too much about mine and now I wish I had enjoyed the experience more.