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Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Sun kissed

My sun kissed grandparents are back from Hawaii and I am happy to report that the bonsai trees are beautifully green, and I am no longer responsible for their life. While they were gone, the poor kitty got extremely lonely and wouldn't stop following me. My roommate and I were hardly ever home and when we were, seriously....I walk into the kitchen, it would follow me. I would then go do would follow me. I walk into my would follow me!

Drove me crazy!

I am not really a cat person, however....I don't loathe them.

Can you believe we are almost in March?! It boggles my mind how fast this year is going by. Five more days my friends. Five more days. I've decided that you know you are getting old when you know you are getting a sweet crock pot for your birthday AND you are excited about it!

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