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Saturday, February 27, 2010


So it's been a while since I have written! Life just got a little crazy. I am now twenty one and it feels....really not different....but extremely different at the same time! Getting my license changed was a pain but I actually didn't end up waiting for a long time. I think I was there for a total of forty-five minutes which was amazing! However I was surrounded by a bunch of smokers in line which just about made me puke. I don't do well with that lovely smell! My signature still sucks but my picture isn't awful! The Saturday before my birthday I met up with a dear friend and we went out to lunch and celebrated my birthday, followed by a night of 80's dancing and eating lots of cookies. I had these awesome neon green pants and some bright blue shorts, TONS of was awesome. Then on my actual birthday, all the family got together plus Jake and grandparents and we had my yummy birthday dinner which my mom slaved away all day to make! When I told her I wanted chicken cordon bleu for my birthday, I didn't get a nice look from her! Haha I'm sure I will understand why she gave me that look when I myself make chicken cordon bleu someday! After dinner it was time to blow out my candles....however I didn't have any.

I have now reached the age where cakes come without candles.

Then it was time to open presents and I got everything I could have asked for and more. It was such a fantastic birthday. I finally got my crock pot which I actually used this week and made a very yummy chicken Thai dish. Super good. Received some more clothing which is always needed. Jake surprised me with a gorgeous pearl and diamond necklace which I absolutely love! My mom and dad gave me a pearl necklace and the second edition of the Packard family cookbook which I am thrilled to look at. Overall it was seriously the best birthday ever!

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