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Tuesday, February 9, 2010

A little this, A little that

Who would have thought that life could get even busier when not in a semester of school.

Well it is.'s grand!

We just celebrated Meg's 19th birthday....which it really isn't until Thursday but she was working that day, mom and I are both gone for choir stuff....pretty lame. It was great though! I hope she got everything she wanted. I'm counting down the days for mine! Twelve days my friends! Honestly I think twenty is a fat age. Boring. Twenty that's exciting! But I am sad I have to change my license. I am quite fond of mine, except for my awful signature. I should start practicing that.

I spent the weekend with Jamie and her family which I always love! They are pretty much my second family. We went to see her sister in a musical called The Boyfriend. Loved. It. We got home so excited to watch Italian job because who wouldn't want to see Mark Wahlberg's amazing arms and cute smile. We both fell asleep within the first ten min. It's those couches I tell ya!

I met his whole family this last Sunday and had a blast! Of course I was a tad nervous at the very beginning but soon just found my place. One of his little nephews, who is five mind you, came up to me and said this.

"Heather, what are your intentions with my Jacob?"

Me: face turning redder by the moment and laughing. A lot. Does he even know what that word means? It was so cute.

So I've decided I want to explore the whole crock pot thing more. So if any of you have some really yummy recipes you should holla!

1 comment:

paige crosland anderson said...

i think i have two entire cookbooks of recipes. come over and borrow it!

and p.s. i just got my new license and MY SIGNATURE ISN'T ANY BETTER.

i was so annoyed.