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Wednesday, January 13, 2010


So I've decided that putting together my dental hygiene application is one big annoying chore. There are so many little things I have had to do to get it all ready. First off, there was no way I was going to type up a whole new essay. I didn't use the exact one, but changed it around a bit. Then I had to go to UVU and have them send up my transcript to Weber. After that I had to make sure everything transferred over and that my official transcript at Weber had everything for my associates done.

Luckily it did.

Then I had to go to the previous dentists that I had worked for and have them all fill out a paper of how long I worked there, what were my responsibilities...yada yada. Still working on that one. There are a couple of other things but I can't remember. And everything is due February 1st! Coming up here pretty fast!

Dearest Matt and Andy came to visit all of us family here in Utah and it has been wonderful to have them here! They make me laugh and I love hearing about all their crazy stories. Other than that, no spectacular news my way. Except there is a certain boy that is sweeping me off my feet. I'd say that is pretty spectacular news! Work is great as always, and I really really wish it were Spring.

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Lindsay Rasmussen said...

Oh I couldn't agree more. But just wait. Give it two blinks, and you'll be trying to get married in a month, take boards a month later, and find a job as a dental hygienist in the real world a month after that. And then you'll wish yourself back in the fairytale land of gen ed requirements and prerequisites. But you'll love it. I lOVE it, and its completely worth it. Most days. HAHAHAA! I just recommend getting married now. Or first year. Or practically ANYTIME in life BESIDES your last semester. Ahem. Learn from others. Haahaaa. I am SO incredibly excited though!