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Monday, October 19, 2009

Pumpkin Carving

For FHE we all did some pumpkin carving! I was so dang excited. I have been wanting to carve pumpkins for a couple of weeks now. My family and I go all out when we carve pumpkins so I was ready to show them my skills. So I find a cool stencil as usual and bring all my sweet carving tools. I get there and with my perfect pumpkin and start cutting out the bottom....which is what I have always done. People were looking at me as if I were crazy and all pointed out that I was doing it weird. I kindly explained to them that it was easier just to cut out the bottom so you could place the pumpkin over the candle. Ta-da! Most said they have never heard of doing it that way. As if I didn't feel way out of place already, almost everyone was doing a free hand. Here I was with my Darth Vader stencil ready to go.

Geesh do these people not know what real pumpkin carving is?!?

Thanks dad for teaching me when I was young how to really carve a pumpkin!

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