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Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Practical PC for Dummies

So I have to take this computer class online to finish up my generals. I purchased my books for the class and started going over chapter 1. After a bit of reading, I made sure that I got the right book because this seemed way, WAY too easy.

Nope. It's the right book.

Chapter 1 contains:
1. Where's the power switch?
2. What is a mouse and keyboard?
3. How do I turn my computer off?
4. What if my computer asks me for a password?

I'm paying these people how much to teach me how to turn on and off my computer? This is absolutely ridiculous. I looked ahead a couple of chapters to see if it gets any harder and I came across chapter 7.

Chapter 7 contains:
1. What is the internet?
2. What's an IP address?

I was complaining to my dad how stupid this was, and he brought up how ironic it was that here chapter 7 is teaching you what the internet is and and how to use it, when you would have to know that already to actually get to this class because it's online!!! Can you see why I am annoyed?


LibTenney said...

Oh my gosh! We laughed a lot at this story. Sorry you are stuck doing it :) But thanks for the great laugh. Love ya

Michelle said...

that. is. hi.lar.ious.

Jessi said...

hahaha. that's so awesome. totally classic.