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Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Beach Boys

I had to drive up to Salt Lake today and I most definitely picked the worst time to drive up there. Traffic was awful. There were two car accidents, and one wasn't even on my side of the road! I hate when morbid curiosity takes over people. This is when I usually start to lose my patience with people driving. I have found over my driving career, that when I am in horrible traffic and getting really annoyed, I put on The Beach Boys. For some reason, their happy, go with the flow music calms me down and I actually have a decent ride home. Beach Boys bring back so many childhood memories. When I was little we would always turn on Beach Boys or Queen when we were cleaning up the house. My dad would crank up the music so loud! We all thought it was the best and would dance around the living room. It also reminds me of my grandparents house in California. Oh how I miss that house. We would visit almost every summer and would head to the beach for six hours, then come back, shower off, and swim in the pool for another six hours. We pretty much lived in the water. I even remember doing a dance in second grade to Surfin' USA. We all had our cardboard surfboards that we decorated and I had these awesome glasses.

Thank you Beach Boys.

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