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Monday, August 24, 2009

Last Hurrah

This weekend, I got together with my roommates from Weber to do a little last hurrah before school started for all of us. We spent the whole day at Lagoon and had such a fun time. We ran into a lot of people that we knew too which was fun! One of my roommates is completely afraid of roller coasters, or more so afraid of heights. We tricked her into going on Re-Entry first. Haha she was freaking out sooo bad. But she survived and because we started with that one, she felt like she could do everything else. I think we went on almost every single ride. Although we didn't make it to the Samari, which was totally okay by me. Went on that once and just about puked.

Saturday, Jamie and I did some "awkward shopping" for our friend who was just getting married. Her wedding reception was in Randolph....yeah had no idea where that was. Took us about two hours to get there! We even had to go through Wyoming! The reception was beautiful. Jamie and I stood out like two sore thumbs though. The invitation did say casual so we both wore jeans, and dressed it up a little bit. As we walked up, eyes turned to look at us. Almost everyone was in a cow boy hat, Wranglers, and cow boy boots. We looked like a bunch of city slickers. Driving back was the scariest drive, and longest drive ever. The highway that we were on was not lit at all. Pitch black. Jamie and I had never been so happy to see a semi! We would speed up and catch up to the semi and then just chill behind and let them light the way. Eventually one would leave for a pit stop and we would be on our own. We made it home safely, crashed, and went to bed. It was a great weekend. Now I have to think of all the things I need to get done before school starts. I was excited for school to start, but now that it's just around the corner, I'm have second thoughts. We will see how this first week goes!

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