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Monday, July 13, 2009


So woke up yesterday morning with a sore throat. Oh. Dear.

Everyone knows waking up with a sore throat is a huge sign that a cold is on the way. Well sure enough that is what happened. Work was awful just because I felt like I was going to explode at any minute. I wont go into details because that's just gross. My eyes were bloodshot and if for some reason I got pulled over driving home, I am sure the copper would ask me if I had been drinking. Not very likable unless it was water because that's all I ever drink! Stupid immune system. I mean granted it has only had 7 years to arm itself, but a cold during the summer is so annoying. The only thing that kept me going today was the fact that as I was walking up to work, I passed a maybe 37-40 yr old man when his phone went off. I laughed hysterically when I heard what his ring tone was.

"It's Gonna Be Me" by N'sync. Really? You really have that as your ring tone? How old are you? And of course he had the volume up so loud that everyone could hear it. I jumped just a tad because of how loud it was. After work I was going to buy a pair of shoes....not that I actually need another pair of shoes. I stopped by to get something to eat before heading to the mall that contained a fortune cookie. I opened up the fortune cookie which read, "Lavish spending may be disastrous, be careful." Dang it! I turned around and went home. I didn't need those shoes. Not yet at least!

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