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Thursday, June 11, 2009

Bike ride numba duex

Penny and I have been quite the avid bike riders. I hope to go on many more. This time we met at Provo canyon, got on out bikes, and headed down the trail to Bridal Veil Falls. It rained a little bit before we got together so the ride was a little humid; BUT it was cool humid! The weather was perfect and the canyon smelt amazing. Very fresh and somewhere along the trail we passed some type of lilac bush or something because it smelled very very good! This trail is very deceiving though. It looks flat. It's not. Biking up to the falls was hard! I was so confused on why I had to stand up a couple of times and do some hard pedaling when we were on a flat trail. We finally made it up to the falls, stopped and took a couple of pictures as it started to rain, and found a place to eat our snacks.
The ride down was a little chilly because we were flying downhill. I think I reached 20 mph going down one hill. At least that's what it said on my little device on my bike. We both had to pull out our sweaters. We passed these two guys on a skateboard and I only bring this up because we passed them about three times! Haha the first time I had to stop and take a picture, so while taking that they passed us. Penny and I headed out and passed them again. Then we went to check out this park with these really nice pavilions. As we headed up to the pavilions I saw the two guys pass us again.
"Dang...we are going to pass them again!"
I felt really stupid as I passed them again and waved with an awkward smile.
As we reached near the end, we started to slow down just a tad and take our sweet time because we thought no one was around. Well Penny and I start riding across the bridge when we hear this "bbbrrring bbriiinngg!" behind us.
This old man on a bike came out of no where and apparently was impatient with us. The sound of his little bike bell sounded annoyed. We quickly moved out of his way and let him pass.
"We just got belled at."
"haha yes we did, by an old man."

Next time I want to bike to Vivian Park!

1 comment:

megan said...

why is emma known as penny? i was completely confused.. like i have no idea who this penny girl is.. and then the picture shows emma. crazy