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Monday, June 22, 2009


No worries, I am alive. My next door neighbor decided after a year of my cousins using their internet, that they would completely cut me off. I haven't had internet for a whole week!!! I know it's sad I can't live without the internet. I figured since most of my classes this Fall will be online, I better find something and hook it up ASAP. I ran and got a router and thought it would be pretty easy to hook up....NOT! Thank heavens my Disneyland/gamer buddies came to my rescue. I owe them big time! Big enough that I am going to save them a parking spot at my place for the Stadium of Fire! Parking for this even is RIDICULOUS. That is a huge bonus for where my grandparents are located. Well while I was internet-less I jotted down all the funny stories that happened to me so I would remember when I could blog again. Of course....I can't find it now. So, until I find it you just get to hear what happened this last weekend...starting with Thursday, which isn't the weekend but close. A group of friends and I went to the Oquirrh (not Oaker...haha) Mountain Temple open house. The area the temple was in is beautiful! I want to live there so bad! Of course the temple was beautiful as well. I loved being able to walk through everything and the spirit that was there! You can't beat it.
Also Thursday my mom left for her tour with the MOTAB. So far she is having a wonderful time and just left Navoo yesterday and was headed to Iowa? I think. We miss her. Especially my dad but he does great and has kept the household down pretty well. Fathers' day was definitely different without mom there. Us kids woke up early to make dad breakfast and instead of getting him gifts from the kids, we decided to give him the making I guess you could say. My gift was a bike ride through Provo Canyon and a picnic lunch with me. I chose this because my dad loves to ride his bike. It's something he really enjoys. Our family has a tandem, two seater bike for those who don't know, so we might take that! Who knows. Church was great, my friend had just gotten home from his mission so it was his homecoming, and his family had asked me, well really asked my mom, then my mom forgot to tell me and so on. Meg and I did end up singing a very pretty song called O Touch Mine Eyes, and it went pretty well! After that we ran up to my grandparents house to have dinner with the cousins. My aunt has the cutest children! Shown here.
I asked little Janey Jane to give me a smile and this is what she came up with! And she got into a lovely shade of lipstick where all the dress ups are. Maggers has the biggest blue eyes I have ever seen and I just want to squeeze her she is so cute! I love being with my family.
Well hopefully I will find my book soon so I can blog my funny stories. I remember them being funny so hopefully I can find them soon before it's already been too long.

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Tess said...

Oh, my goodness! I can't believe that's Jane! Remember when you babysat her that one afternoon and Kyle held her, and all of us girls MELTED. So stinkin' cute.