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Saturday, May 16, 2009

Flo's Grave

Yesterday I was able to go with some of the girls from work out to dinner and to a movie! Kind of a last hoorah before I leave which is coming up faster than I thought it would! We went to this restaurant which was very good! If you have one near you go to it. I had this awesome Hawaii burger with slices of ham and grilled pineapple on the top. Different combination for me on a hamburger but man was it good. It took me a while to actually get to the good stuff because my mouth is so small. After dinner we walked right over to the Megaplex and saw 17 Again. It was cute. Still hate Zac Efron though. I did see this preview though and it looks hilarious. Definitely one I want to see. If was fun just hanging out with the girls. I love that we all get along so well at the office and even do stuff with each other outside of the office. It's great. The roommates where waiting at the apartment to go get some ice cream and while talking about ice cream we decided that we should go to Flo's grave. Apparently it's a haunted spot where a little girl named Florence was waiting for her ride on the curb and got hit and killed. So you go at night to the top of the hill, looking down on her grave, turn off your car and blink your car lights 3 times. Then she appears as a green light and starts to move toward your car. Well I got the whole thing on video....didn't see a green light but we got scared by a bunch of hooligans that were just waiting for a car of girls to come into the cemetery. One I guess was right behind our car and was about ready to pound on the car when we booked it out of there! They got us pretty good because everyone of us were screaming. Next time we are bringing men with us.

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