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Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Push it baby

I blinked for a second, and found myself back at my apartment, spring break over, and realizing how much I need to get done and fast! Two tests this weekend followed by a bunch of art interviews that I need to go to in order for me to finish my art class! It's officially crunch time! It's hard because I feel my motivation leave a little bit everyday. I need to hang on to it just a little bit longer! Only 5 more weeks left of school!!! School is still going good and work is good but I feel that has been my life for two years now and I'm ready for some fun! I cannot tell you how excited I am to move to Provo and to just be around tons of people and to actually have some fun for once! I only have three classes to finish up before I will have my associates as well as being done with all pre-reqs for dental hygiene so as soon as I finish those up, I am just going to sit pretty, work full time, and play....that is until I get into the dental hygiene program! For now I've just got to give it my all and finish up this semester without killing myself.

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