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Saturday, February 7, 2009

Shh! This is a quiet study area

I have a hard time studying at the apartment, so I usually just head on over to campus to study at the library. Now if it's "somewhat, not that important" type of studying then I usually just go to the second floor, to the round table by the window so I can people watch while I study. I love love to watch people...not in a creepy way of course. But this was some serious studying that I needed to do. That required the third floor. The third floor is where people give you mean looks if you unzip your backpack too loud, or if your pencil squeaks, which is why I never write with pencils. So I made sure I had my backpack unzipped before I found my spot, pulled out my ginormous pathophysiology book and began to study. A girl walks in and sits at a table that was a couple of tables down from where I was, which didn't bother me until she pulled out her ipod and started listening to music. Now I listen to classical music or soothing music when I study so I can focus, but this girl was listening to "crazy" music. That's what I termed it. Not only was it "crazy" music but it was oh so loud! I could hear it perfectly clear from where I was sitting. Ha now it was my turn to give the mean "this is a quiet study area" look. Too bad her music was too loud for her to even notice it.

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