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Saturday, February 7, 2009

Triple Threat

I am such a fun of the "old" movies with Doris Day, Gene Kelly, Debbie Reynolds...can't get enough of them. My roommate and I decided we had nothing better to do then to watch old movies. I told her of a movie that I used to watch all the time called "Tammy and the Bachelor" and how my little brother used to go around singing the theme song, "Tammy's in love." He would probably kill me if you all knew that but we like to tease him about it once and a while. For Christmas my mom thought it would be funny if we got him the DVD! Not only did my mom get that DVD, but she got a triple threat!

Not only did he get Tammy and the Bachelor, he got Tammy Tell Me True, and Tammy and the Doctor!! I had never seen the other two so my roommate and I decided to watch all three of all them! Not all in one day of course but I can say that after watching these, we have both found someone else that was more naive than we were!! That never happens!

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