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Thursday, February 26, 2009


Thursdays are usually one of my favorite days. Mostly because the next day is Friday, but also because it's also my special needs class. So I usually look forward to Thursdays. After a rather fun lecture in Patho, I head to my specials needs class. Today's lesson was on prayer and I was excited for this lesson just because prayer has played a HUGE part in my life. Well the special needs kids all head in and a cute girl that I had never been partners with before came and sat by me. We exchanged names and she told me how she just loves High School Musical. It's so funny because I think every girl in that specials needs class has told me the exact same thing! Well I pulled out my book and started teaching the lesson to her. Five minutes into the lesson she looses interest and puts her head on the desk. I stop and ask her what's wrong. This is how our conversation went.

Me: "What's wrong?"
Partner: "See that girl sitting up front?"
Me: "Yes..."
Partner: "Well we are in a fight. She's not my friend anymore."
Me: "Oh but I think you guys will be friends again soon!"
Partner: "I don't think so. We won't talk to each other."
Me: (hmm we are really getting off subject here...)
Me: "Well have you tried praying about it? Praying always helps. Look it even says we should pray for our friends and our enemies!"
Partner: (rubs her head and puts head back on desk)
Me: "Do you have a headache?"
Partner: "Yes!"
Me: "Oh what from?"
Partner: "YOU!"
Me: "......oh."

Haha not really what I imagined that lesson going like.

At all.

1 comment:

Tess said...

Bahaha! That makes me giggle. :)