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Thursday, June 26, 2008

Things I have done this summer

This summer has been quite the busy one! Really, I mean where did June go? Here includes the following things I have done this summer.

  • Hike to Waterfall bright green leggings!
  • Gone home almost every weekend :)
  • Sidewalk chalked our what a mouth full.
  • Have two pet cats...Tiger and Jag...and they are not really our pets.
  • Ran through a random persons sprinklers. It just looked so appeasing at the time
  • Dropped dental instruments way too many times
  • Studied outside and got eaten alive by misquotes
  • Went to the Temple
  • Covered my thumb with super glue...and not on purpose
  • Read my scriptures
  • study... study... study
  • Biked 12 miles on the tandem with pops
  • Slept in a tent in our backyard
  • Made the most amazing dinner ever!
  • Bought new scrubs!
  • Burned myself at work too many times
  • Learned that the best thing to put on a burn is mustard...I know right!?!?
  • Ate a whole thing of brownies with the help of my roomie pink tights
  • Gained a new friend...literally gained....his name is bert and he hangs over my belt.
  • Had birds living in our tights named one Ricardo
  • Ricardo now lies dead in the wall....
  • Wrote a bunch of letters

That is all for now...funny stories still to come!


Libby said...

Oh my gosh Heather! You are so funny! Wish I could have shared some of the memories with you. Love ya!

jamie said...

Heather! This just made my day! I totally super glued my fingers together the other day! And I miss you terribly. I really need to see you. I am going through withdrawals literally! Sweaty palms, a difficulty concentrating, irrational thoughts, the whole nine yards! Anyhow....miss you!