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Thursday, May 1, 2008

La Ferrovia Restaurant

(Yesterday) So I am waiting in the vacuous room of the Union Station waiting for my pops to arive. He and some of his work buddies took the newly opened FrontRunner and met me at the Union Station to go out for lunch. I found out that my dad spent the whole train ride with a bunch of snooty-phalooty kids from a private school that deicided to ride the train for a field trip! Nightmare. The train was running 10 minuets late so I decided to go around and take some pictures. For lunch we went to this quaint little Italian restaurant called La Ferrovia Ristorante. Either I was really hungry or the food was really delectable. I think it was both! The owner, Giuseppina Ashbridge brought her recipes with her when she left Naples and she and her husband serve authentic dishes with the italian accents and everything! While we were waiting an ambulance pulled up. Did someone order an ambulance? Anyone? Well I guess someone in another room of the restaurant passed out! They brought in a strecher and carried the poor guy out. His, what I assumed to be little girl, waved and said "bye dad!" as she skipped out the back door with her mom. Kids are so funny! Pops turned to us and asked, "would it be rude to ask what he ordered?" Haha! I don't think it had anything to do with the food because I am still alive but it was an interesting day for all of us.

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