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Saturday, April 26, 2008

Third level, around the corner, by a window.

My time spent in the library as accumulated to quite an impressive number. And as sad as this might sound...I have grown rather fond of my little study place by a window. I bring my backpack full of text books, laptop, and nutritious snacks to fuel my brain as the time passes by. I try to get to my spot before a lot of people show up, because with being on the third floor, it is DEAD ..... silent. People give you weird looks when you are trying to unzip your backpack as quietly as you can. It's like in church when they are passing the sacrament and you have forgotten to unzip your scriptures so you can read them during the sacrament. You spend 5 minuets just trying to unzip your scripture case inch by inch, grimacing each time you do. Or if you're like me, you just grab the hymn book and soak in the hymns. A lot less "heads turning your way" approach. I think I need to find a little corner somewhere where there are a variety of books instead of the volumes of "ORGANIC CHEMISTRY" books that are staring me in the face. It's making me feel very uncomfortable.

Finals left:
  • Math(Monday)
  • Psychology(Monday)
  • Bio Med(Wednesday)

Finals are like time bombs...just waiting to explode in your face! The trick is to study them, so you know them inside and out; so you can cut the right wire before they explode and damage you.

My parents anniversary is today (Happy anni mom and dad!) And my cousin just got married yesterday! So many things are happening while I am gone! I will be able to make it down for my dads birthday which is going to be nice! I really do miss my family....alot....this summer is going to be a hard one. Oh well, life goes one.

This is how I feel about math sometimes....

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