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Sunday, March 16, 2008

Back to reality...bummer

Well my friends, Hawaii was super fantastic and I wished I lived there. Oh by the way I went to Hawaii for Spring break with my cousins and gramps! I will fill you more on what we did some other time. I made it back to my apartment and have just finished unpacking. I never realized how much stuff I brought until I unpacked everything! There were probably three outfits that I had never worn while in Hawaii....but I guess that's just like me....I like to over pack. Now I have to get back into "evil school and work" mode. Not that school and work is really evil, it's just really galling that I have to come from a warm, relaxing, happy environment, to a bitterly cold, full of stress environment. Oh and I totally missed St. Patrick's Day...uh Happy St. Patrick's Day yesterday! Now if I could just remember what classes I have tomorrow...

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