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Monday, April 16, 2012

Evelyn's Blessing

Both Jake and I were a little nervous for this day. Jake had been practicing throughout the week while holding cute! I was nervous because I wanted to do everything possible to make our little girl, a happy little girl during the blessing and not screaming through the whole thing. Our church started at 9:00 so I woke up extra early. We fed her, burped her extra good, got her dress and then all of the sudden she spit up all over her dress. I start to panic. Then one of her flowers on her headband I made started to come off. Seriously?! We cleaned her up and her dress, fixed her headband, headed to the church and prayed that she would be good.

Not a peep.

I was a proud mama!


The Haws Family said...

Love love LOVE the dress, she looks so beautiful! Does she have a little red hair, or is that just the tint of the picture?

Heather and Jake said...

She does indeed have a little red in her hair! Sure doesn't come from my side of the family.