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Tuesday, October 18, 2011


One thing I have notice while being pregnant, is that you have strange dreams. All the time! Take last night for instance. Instead of one girl baby being born, I gave birth to six. SIX! Three girls and three boys. And...they were all black. I was a little upset because how could they mistake one baby girl for six? The funniest part was the baby blessing. The boys all had white onesies on  with a green jalapeno on the front. The girls had the same but a red jalapeno on the front. The only reason I think the jalapenos came up in the dream is because Jake loves them. We have a huge jar in the fridge that he likes to snack on. Far far away from me! Did anyone else have strange dreams while being pregnant? If so I want to hear them. This is like a regular occurrence for me! Does make for a good laugh though!

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Stephanie said...

that is soooo funny! Jalapenos.. how random! K I did indeed have crazy dreams also, but they were morbid. Like my brother jumping off a cliff, and people dying and such. It was not cool! Hormones do very weird things to your head I'm certain