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Sunday, October 9, 2011

Week 21

We are officially on the downhill!! Your mama is still feeling great (with her trusty anti nausea pill) and you baby girl are having a party in there or something. You love to kick and startle your mama at the best times. Around bed time, sacrament meeting (when everyone is quiet and your mama tries really hard not to giggle), and at work. We were able to listen to Conference this week and your papa received some good advice on how to raise his little girl. He was getting a little worried on how to raise you since he only has one little sister and three older brothers, but Conference helped. Your papa can't wait to go on "daddy daughter dates" and to teach you how to dance while standing on his toes. You are making your way up the fruit chain and now are as long as a big banana. Your mama got to the banana before we could take a picture. Oops! You are taking after your mom in the shoe department. For not even being born yet, you sure are getting quite the shoe collection!

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