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Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Close Call

After all my efforts to try not to get sick....I got sick. It's been hanging around me this whole entire week. Yes I know it's only Wednesday. I don't like being sick. Especially when I have so much to do and don't just want to sit around at home. I went to the gym because I needed to do SOMETHING...bad idea when you're sick. It just made me more sick. And sore. My abs hurt when I sneeze. And my lungs. Awful. Well last night I took my NyQuil a little early so it would be working by the time I went to bed. Then I totally forgot that I had a couple of fifteen question quizzes that I had to take that night. So I started right away. During the second quiz I started to feel the effects of the NyQuil. Bad. It was like I had hit a brick wall. I hurried and finished the quiz as fast as I could before I zonked out.

I finished, barely made it to my bed, and fell sound asleep.

Thank you NyQuil for a good nights rest.

1 comment:

Taufer Family said...

Heather!! Oh my gosh you sound like me!! And of course you have to get sick when you have SO much going on! How are you?! How is school?! Where are you living now! I still think it's funny that my hubby came to your dentist office...SMALL WORLD! Hope all is well. Get feeling better!