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Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Sometimes people are just stupid.

So you all know that I can sometimes be an impatient driver. I also have a lead foot. It's a good thing Mater can't go very fast or I would be in trouble. Well if you didn't know ya do.
Anyways, I am driving on a 50 mph road going 55 because that's just how I am. I catch up to this caravan of vans that are from Kentucky. No offense but people from beuno. And I automatically don't like vans. I will never own one. They weren't even going 45!! My speedometer read around 37.

On a 50 mph road!!!! Not even construction going on.

And of course they took up both lanes so I couldn't pass them. Later I came across a guy on a motorbike. No helmet. That alone stamps "moron" on his forehead. You think that's a little harsh but the dude was TEXTING while on his motorbike. Not even at a stop light....we were moving.
Then on the road that goes pass Lone Peak I see two bicyclists. Usually when bicyclists ride on the road, they ride behind each other so cars can pass them and they don't get run over. Well these two were too good for that or something. They were riding next to each other and one guy was right in the middle of my lane. He wouldn't move. All the cars in my lane had to sit there and wait for the other cars in the opposite lane to pass us before we could move. Seriously!!

Lets go back to traffic school people!


Ruth said...

What? You are still speeding? Even after your ticket and increase of your auto insurance rate?

Mormon Bachelor Pad said...

Did you seriously just dedicate an entire blog post to people who drive worse than you?

We should totally go out on a date. We'll go dutch... unless you're hot. Then I'll pay.