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Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Motherhood guest post #1

Motherhood is in the air! I know of so many people that are pregnant right now, me included, and I thought it would be fun to do a motherhood post every so often to hear advice and listen to stories of mothers who have had children. Having a child is huge! Life changing. And totally scary. But after reading some of these, they have put me at ease and I hope they do the same for you! Our first guest is Stephanie and she has THE cutest little boy ever.

"What I love most about being a mother - I love having a little sidekick, someone I get to play with everyday, and dress up! It’s nice to feel like someone really needs you, that you have an awesome responsibility to care for them, and teach them things as they grow. And it’s SO fun to see their progress and the new milestones they hit! Babies and kids just make you smile and laugh every. Single. Day. =)

What made me most nervous about becoming a mother - as much advice as you get, you’ll never really get it til you experience it yourself. I initially was afraid of not knowing what to do with a newborn! I thought I had enough experience, being the oldest of 6 kids, but when it’s YOU and your (also in-experienced) husband trying to figure out what that baby needs, it’s stressful! Somehow though it works! I still get nervous about whether he’s growing enough, developing as fast as he should, and I worry about the future, that I’ll be a good parent and set him up for life.

I had Carter when I was a senior at BYU.. I took that semester off, but had just one more to finish, so luckily Aaron could stay at home while I went to the few classes I had left. Honestly I loved it! It gave Aaron a little more one-on-one time with Carter and I got a little break for a few hours a day. I haven’t worked since I had Carter but I’d still like to. Since we move every summer, it makes it even harder for me to get a job, plus I don’t want to pay for childcare, but if I had to, I’d be okay with it part-time. So for the time-being, it’s jut me and Carter every day at home =)

Some extra advice - I know everyone says this, that the newborn stage is so hard, but I thought I was exempt from that because I really love newborns. I think they’re so beautiful and precious and new, and I didn’t think I’d be that tired and that emotional. Wrong!! I got the baby blues just like most people do, and one of my biggest challenges (besides recovering from a c-section, and not liking breastfeeding) was feeling not like myself at ALL. So many things were new, and I barely had time with Aaron and it made me so sad and worried that things would never be the same. But the good news is that it gets better!! Things get back to normal as your new little family adjusts and then life is just peachy! Nowadays, it’s tough but still important to get on dates with your husband, still put him first, and spend that quality time together. You don’t want your husband feeling resentment or abandonment because of a new baby. Also, don’t think you’re gonna love being a mom every single day. There are certainly times when you wanna pull your hair out! This is normal, just remember that =)" - Stephanie

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