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Monday, July 11, 2011

Electronic break

It is all about technology these days. Internet where ever you go. People are lost with out their phones. Laptops are a necessity. Well I was able to spend ten days with awesome company, no electronics, and surrounded by some b-e-a-utiful scenery. It was a very, VERY long drive to Washington where we got together for a family reunion of around 130 people. I will just say this, Packard reunions are the best. We were all in cabins, playing games, eating good food, catching up with was fabulous. This was also Jake's first time meeting everyone (well not everyone) on the Packard side. Lots of hugs, lots of names. I wouldn't blame him if he doesn't remember anyone!
After that we made our way to the Oregon coast. My favorite. We stopped in Astoria and did some history sightseeing there, then made our way to Cape Meares where we would be staying. And I have to give a big shout out to Phyllis and Ted for letting us stay at their beach house. We had so much fun! Luckily for us, low tide was around 10 am instead of the usual 4 or 5 am so we all got to sleep in and still get to look for starfish in the caves. Tillamook was a once a day outing for us. Fabulous cheese and ice cream....Jake was in heaven.
We also took a little gander at crabbing. We got in our boat and I immediately saw the nasty nets with a big fish head attached to it and wondered if I could do this. I am not a sea food person by any means. The crab had to be a certain size and male for us to keep them. We caught tons of crab but there were only a select few that we thought would make it. More like one. And he was just shy of being able to be eaten. I stood back and watched as the family and Jake devoured crab. Again...Jake was in heaven. Of course we did some shopping, and with another family we rented some beach bikes and cruised around on the beach while the rest of us flew kites. It was such a fun trip and I can't wait to go back again someday!
Beautiful Oregon coast
Pictures and video soon to come.

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